Delego User Guide

User Role

1. Install the Delego Extension :

Download and install the Delego Extension from the chrome web store

2. Authentication :

Click on the login button to authenticate
  • A popup will show up for authentication using your google account
  • 3. Google Drive :

    Visit the website
    The Delego button should now be available inside the pages
    Navigate to the drive folder that you want to transfer, then click on the Delego button
    A popup will show up, fill the requested information and click on "Transfer"

    Administrator Role

    1. Dashboard :

    As an administrator, you have access to a dedicated dashboard, providing you various information and status of your Delego account, like the number of users linked to your account, the number of delegation requests executed..

    2. Users Management :

    You have access to the list of users linked to your account
    You can add and link new users to your account by clicking on the IMPORT button and upload a .csv file containing the list of the users emails
    The users are now imported and linked to your account. They are active by default
    In case you want to enable/disable an user account, select their checkbox
    « user1 », « user2 » and « user3 » are now disabled and therefore can’t use the Delego services

    Create Email Filter

    1. Create a Label :

    On the left navigation, click on create a new label
    A popup will show up, type a label name. We have named it "Google Drive" but you can choose any name you want.

    2. Create the Filter :

    On the search bar, click on the little arrow
    Type the Gmail "" in the From field. This will allow gmail to filter all the emails coming from this email address.
    Then click on "Create filter"
    Select the label that we already created in the previous step (We've named it "Google Drive") in the field apply the label.
    Check "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)". This will make sure the emails won't show up in your inbox, but only in your "Google Drive" folder.
    Click on "Create Filter".
    Congratulations, you have now created an email filter. New delegation related emails should now show up under the "Google Drive" folder, and won't spam your inbox.

    Technical Overview

    1. How does delego works ?

    Delego has a resiliente algorithm that loops trough folder then files to transfer the ownership of each ellement.
    Delego uses a stack to keep track of files and folders.

    2. What if a file or a folder inside has another owner ?

    If a folder or a file inside has another owner the file will only be shared with the user.Since the ownership canonly be transferred by the owner him self.

    3. What about Drive shortcuts ?

    Shortcut has been recently introduced by Google Drive Learn More. They make it easier for you or your team to find and organize files and folders in multiple Google Drives. Since a shortcut is just a link to another folder Delego Will not transfer this folder and it's contente.